Who are we?

Our company is a group of talented and well-experienced developers, based in Russia and Ukraine. We develop internet projects many years, stay in touch with modern web-related technologies and can say for sure, this is our area of expertise.

What can we do?

Our team consists of the best internet development engineers. We are experienced in social network applications, internet portals, startups, web 2.0 services, mobile applications.

Better than others we can:

  • — quickly develop software on mockups;
  • — handle high loads: a million of active users per day — piece of cake!
  • — write quality, easy to maintain code.

We are faster than others because:

  • — we use agile development metodology: no written specifications required;
  • — we use right instrument Ruby on Rails, which was initially invented to develop software fast;
  • — interested in result: our main goal is to help you make money on your business and have a long-term contact with you.

How much do we charge?

The price is formed according to several criterions. First criterion is the long-term of the project and the second is the complexity of the project. Anyway you can contact us and we offer you an option that will suit you.

We are also ready to participate in startups as a technical investor. In other words, development may be free of charge in case you are ready to share your future profits. Most of all we are interested in mobile applications and social network applications.