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Devmen Specification system

Devmen Specification system - is (SAAS solution for) technical assignment creation system. It is a common situation that during specification creation the product owners can forget some important details or provide some inaccuracies. That finally leads to time wasting and wrong time and cost estimation. We did our best to define the steps which the client should take to provide high quality technical assignment for a developer. It doesn't matter whether you create a task for web developer or mobile developer and which frameworks and languages does he use. All the technical assignments are created in a similar way.

  • Describe the application
  • Describe the application screens
  • Describe the steps which user should take in the application

This service allows to attach the mockups to each step of specification creation, so that it simplifies the understanding of the future project.

After Technical assignment creation you can always come back to it by unique link or download as PDF.

New Specification

Devmen Engine

This is a simple base for building Ruby on Rails app. The system has modules: news; shop; reviews; comments; real estate. Also the engine has admin area for all modules and generator for static pages non limited nesting.

Devmen Engine demo link

Repo on github Devmen Engine